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Angara Sapphire Teardrop Pendant in White Gold 54bQj4ilJ
Angara Sapphire Teardrop Pendant in White Gold
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This website is the digital version of the 2014 National Climate Assessment, produced in collaboration with the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

For the official version, please refer to the PDF in the downloads section. The downloadable PDF is the official version of the 2014 National Climate Assessment.

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A day after a season-ending loss in the first round of the playoffs, Washington's John Wall said it's up to management to shed players who don't want to be there and add players who will help the team's consistency.

Marcin Gortat says John Wall and Bradley Beal are a perfect fit game and personality-wise. "I watched [Wall and Beal play] for five years... they fit each other perfectly because one guy handles the ball, pushes hard, the other guy is a great shooter, great athlete," Gortat said. "They are both different. Ice and fire I would say. They respect and value different things in life. One guy is super loud, the other guy is super quiet. Sometimes when you are playing with John, you at some point are like, can you please [not] speak anymore and when he is actually missing [due to injury], you have Brad and [it's] like, can you please say something? They complement each other perfectly. I mean, listen, you make playoffs four out of five years, that is pretty good."


Marcin Gortat said any speculation about friction between him and John Wall or internally with the team was "nonsense." "We are definitely on the same page, we had great chemistry toward the end of the year," Gortat said. "Stuff that came out in the middle of the season was mostly created unfortunately by you guys, by a lot of people that has no clue of what is going on with the team. Whatever stuff that came out about me and John, it is all nonsense and stuff that is unnecessary… we did talk about a lot of things and we have no issues. I mean [supposedly] having all those issues and the next game he passes me the ball eight times and I give him eight assists and I have eight buckets? I mean come on, if I were pissed at somebody, I wouldn't probably pass him the ball. We are good. Are we best friends and like the greatest friends? Probably not. But I am not best friends with probably half of the team over there."


Marcin Gortat said he's read how people have written how he's gotten old and he's adamant that he has plenty left in the tank. He made it clear he hates when the Wizards and other teams go small, stating that "small ball is trash." Gortat doesn't know what the Wizards will do with him entering the final year of his deal but he made it clear he can still play.


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, SG


Bradley Beal , SG


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, SF


Marcin Gortat , C


Otto Porter Jr. , SF


Marcin Gortat , C


Points Per Game 106.6 13
Rebounds Per Game 43.1 21
Assists Per Game 25.2 4
Points Allowed 106.0 15

Thomas Bryant C


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The country's survival depends on water management, and its political structures allow for decisive, speedy action.

In his brilliant apocalyptic short story "The Netherlands Lives with Water," American writer Jim Shepard imagines a time in the not-so-distant future when the city of Rotterdam is overwhelmed by flooding coming from two directions – a storm surge from the North Sea and a riverine deluge cascading down from the rain-soaked mountains of Europe. His narrator is a Rotterdam native and flood control expert who outlines in a few deft sentences the essence of the Dutch relationship with their sodden landscape:

It’s the catastrophe for which the Dutch have been planning for fifty years. Or, really, for as long as we’ve existed. We had cooperative water management before we had a state. The one created the other; either we pulled together as a collective or got swept away as individuals.

That collectivist attitude to survival has spurred the Dutch to create some of the world’s most innovative and effective anti-flooding measures. And as climate change grinds along, global sea levels rise, and coastal areas around the world are becoming more and more familiar with inundation, the water-savvy citizens of this tiny nation have found themselves suddenly in fashion.

Dutch experts have been invited to Thailand, where 2011 floods soaked 65 of the nation’s 77 provinces, overwhelmed large parts of Bangkok for weeks, and killed more than 800 people. Dutch consultants created flood simulation models, inspected failing dikes, and advised the government to implement an "integrated water plan," rather than relying on "the usual ad hoc engineering approach." They have done similar work in dozens of nations around the world , including Vietnam, Romania, Indonesia – and the United States. For the Dutch, water management is a growth industry.

Dale Morris , an American economist, has been working for the Dutch government on its U.S.-based efforts since the post-Katrina period, mostly in Louisiana, Florida, and California. He has seen how his colleagues not only disseminate their ideas to the rest of the world, but also how they learn new strategies from the nations where they’re working. Morris has become conversant in Dutch flood control engineering techniques – barriers, dikes, floodwater retention, and the like – but he is also keenly aware of the societal mindset that undergirds the Dutch approach. That mindset, he says, is significantly different from the American one for a host of historical reasons.

American cities such as New Orleans, New York, Sacramento, and Norfolk, Virginia, face not just rising waters, but also political obstacles unknown to the Dutch when it comes to water management and flood protection, says Morris.

"The Dutch have in some ways an easy problem to solve," he says. "The entire nation is at risk if the western portion floods. So the entire country is united. It’s not a question of should we do [flood protection], but how."

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